Coaching Services

The Corbett Group partners with leaders to meet or exceed your organizational goals by inventorying and maximizing your strengths, improving the alignment between leader expectations and the performance of your teams, and improving the alignment between team members and team goals. Additionally, we provide leadership coaching and mentoring for high potential people of color expected to be future leaders in your organization.

Executive Coaching

We work with individual leaders to:

  • Clarify career goals.
  • Confirm career plans and objectives.
  • Identify and develop critical skills and competencies
  • Address performance improvement needs and measure progress
  • Improve communication effectiveness with superiors, peers and subordinate teams
  • Improve planning and execution with and among subordinate teams
  • Understand and navigate organization challenges and opportunities
  • Anticipate and plan for organizational change
  • Develop and execute a plan of continuous learning

Our broad network of professional relationships enables me to quickly form alliances when necessary to provide the right mix of resources and expertise to successfully help you achieve your goals.

Coaching and Mentoring High Potential People of Color (POC)

We work with high potential people of color to:

  • Expand organization knowledge
  • Expand critical skills and behaviors
  • Solicit balanced, constructive feedback
  • Plan for sustained professional development
  • Measure progress
  • Support continuous learning and development through mentoring
  • Maximize relationships with senior leaders, peers, customers and team members
  • On board with new companies and transition to new roles.
  • Understand and navigate the political landscape.

Candidates for these coaching and mentoring services are African American, Latino, and Asian men and women who are high performing people of color in key roles ; who model organization values, demonstrate a growing command of critical organization competencies and are identified as likely future leaders in your organization.

Program benefits to your organization include, creating an awareness by participants of the organization’s support of their success by offering a thoughtful coaching and mentoring process that strengthens their capabilities and the likelihood of organizational success.

The Program also improves organizational recruiting effectiveness, improves retention, improves leadership bench strength, creates an inclusive leadership culture, and improves leadership collaboration and decision making.